Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration For Your Family's Long Term Health

We are proud to install the highest quality home drinking water system on the planet. RO is the most aggressive in-home water treatment system available.

Stop drinking PFAS, Lead, Pesticides, Water Treatment Chemicals, and estrogen compounds from plastic water bottles. No more water boil notices for your family. Just the cleanest drinking water on the planet.

Flat Rate Installation : $750+tax

Who Are We?

A team who turned our passion for clean water and the environment into a flat rate service to protect your family.

10 years ago, my wife began researching water quality while we were looking to reduce the amount of plastic water bottles we consumed. We went through Brita filters, fridge canisters, and even distilled our own water for 6 months before it became an overbearing chore. Then we discovered reverse osmosis (RO), and recognized that it is the best water filtration technology on the planet, but thought that it involved large equipment at water bottling plants. We were wrong. 

Reverse osmosis is available for homeowners as well, mounted under your sink and available on demand. We installed the most affordable, durable, and aggressive unit on the market (also made in the USA). 

Now we are installing RO in homes all over Central Texas so that families can enjoy the safest and cleanest water on the planet, just like we are. All for a flat rate.


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How Does Our Reverse Osmosis System Clean Up Your Water?

Understanding Reverse Osmosis

The reverse osmosis system is simple. It uses city water pressure to force water across a semi-permeable membrane. If you are on a well, your well pump does the work. The water that successfully passes through the membrane is called permeate. What remains (salt and other contaminants) is called brine, or concentrate. After the permeate has passed through the semi-permeable membrane, it moves to a post filter to make it even cleaner and safer for drinking.

Stages of Reverse Osmosis

Depending on the number of prefilters and post-filters that your system has, there are either three, four, or five stages. We only install 5 stage units. Although they are slightly more expensive, they provide maximum removal. The first stage of filtration removes sediment and particles such as dirt, dust, and rust. This is not only for clean water and health, but also to ensure that by the time the water makes it to the reverse osmosis membrane, it is in its cleanest condition so that the difficult contaminants can be readily removed.

The second and third stages are carbon filtration canisters, similar to a Brita filter, but on steroids. This is where 99% of the chlorine is removed as well as VOCs. These are the things responsible for bad taste and smell.

Now for the hard part, removing bacteria, viruses, pharmaceuticals, salts, lead, fluoride, copper, cyanide, radioactive elements, and dissolved inorganics. These contaminants are the most dangerous for humans and the most difficult to remove from water. The reverse osmosis membrane has a pore size of 0.0001 microns. To give you an idea of how much more filtering power this translates to, your typical carbon filter is 1 micron meaning that the RO membrane filters out contaminants that are 10,000 x smaller.

Once the clean water passes through the RO membrane, it is stored in a sealed 3.5 gallon tank waiting on the end user to turn on the faucet. The fifth and final stage is a post tank finishing filter ensuring that no dust or residue from the water tubing or tank makes it to your glass.

Reverse Osmosis Installation

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